ISI Work Of Ministry Conference 2011 - Report

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Day 1

The 8th Iron sharpeneth Iron Work of Ministry Conference kicked off with an ordination service at 10:00 GMT.The Jesus Cathedral of the Qodesh, Lighthouse Chapel International was filled to capacity with conference attendees and well-wishers of the ordinants. Seventy-two pastors were ordained by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills in the brief and solemn ceremony. 29 of which were pastors of Lighthouse Chapel International and 43 non Lighthouse Chapel International pastors. Rev Adedayo Adewumi, of the Foursquare Gospel Church, Nigeria preached a very powerful sermon on 'Volunteers for Harvest'. The ordination ceremony was streamed live on the Internet and on the Accra-based radio station Sweet Melodies Fm 94.3.

The first teaching session of the Conference begins at 14:00GMT. Be there or catch the live streaming!

Afternoon Session

Over 5000 Pastors, Ministers of the Gospel, Church leaders and many others have gathered at the Qodesh for this year’s conference. Delegates this year have come from many countries such as Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ukraine and Australia to name a few. The first session of the Iron Sharpeneth Iron Work of Ministry Conference began at 14:00GMT. Bishop Heward-Mills, the main speaker for the conference, shared a powerful message entitled 'Building the Church'. He emphasised that the building of churches is the most important thing we can do with our lives. The number one thing God is building is churches! We must take it seriously! Pastors, prophets must BUILD CHURCHES! Apostles must build churches not singing groups, hospitals, drama groups.

A lot of people who call themselves prophets do not help churches. Prophecies are supposed to help build the church not destroy it! Bishop Dag encouraged all prophets, not to spoil the wonderful churches God is building. The real duty of a prophet is to make the church stronger and bigger. God wants to have a place. An operational centre where He can change people’s lives, talk to people, minister to them, call people, teach people, heal people, transform their lives, baptize them. Christ is in love with the church and He loves those who give their lives for the building of His church! Christ gave Himself (not money or gifts) to the church. Someone who destroys churches, "A church spoiler" is an enemy of every church builder! Bishop Dag Heward-Mills introduced new books he has written on each group of "church spoilers".
1. Those who leave you
2. Those who accuse you
3. Those who forget
4. Those who pretend
He said, "The church is the most important thing to God. He purchased it with the most precious thing - His blood! You may never know why or understand why God loves His church so much! Christ is against those who spoil His church. I see God blessing you as you rise up to defend and build His church! God will use you. I want you to join with the hand of Christ to build His Church. It is the greatest job you can have".

Evening Session and Opening Ceremony

The grand opening ceremony was characterised by beautiful singing, choreography and a flag parade. The welcome address was delivered by Lady Rev. Adelaide Heward-Mills, followed by a Healing Jesus Crusade Documentary of the Offa Crusade. The evening session preachers were Pastor Robbie Ross who preached on "Three Ministries Every Minister Must Have" and Pastor Mosa Sono who preached on "The Prevailing Church". Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams who was present, pronounced life changing prophetic utterances on the life and ministry of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills and preached about 'The Judgement Seat of Christ'. He suggested that we re-examined ourselves and find out if we are doing the things that we have been called to do. (Rom 14:11-12). He emphasised that Heaven's value system is totally different from earthly valuations and there was a need for examination of our motives for doing the things we do and preaching what we preach (2 Cor 5:9-11). He shared on his God-given assignment to bring fear and conviction back to the church.

Day 2:

The 2nd morning camp session of the conference ended a few hours ago. It has been an illuminating and powerful experience at the Qodesh today. As early as 05:30GMT, conference attendees started to arrive at the Qodesh in order to catch a good seat for the morning mini camp session. The session started at 07:00GMT prompt with a prayer and worship time. Bishop E.A.T Sackey then introduced the D-Machaneh, the newly updated Machaneh in a digital format. The Machaneh is a powerful and anointed collection of all camp meetings with the Bishop. You must remember to purchase your copy today!

By 07:30GMT, the Jesus Cathedral was packed with delegates and Bishop Dag Heward-Mills mounted the stage to minister. For over seven hours Bishop shared with the conference attendees several messages from his newly released book "Church Growth" with very few breaks in between. He preached powerfully on varying topics from "Church Growth and Burning Desire" to "25 Reasons Why You Must Have A Vision for A Mega Church", "Church Growth and Camp Meetings" and "Church Growth and Copying". The morning camp session as usual was streamed live on the internet at, and also on radio in Accra at Sweet Melodies 94.3fm. The speakers for tonight's session are Ps Zacc Kawalala from Malawi, Ps Fred Taylor from Ukraine and Pastor Bill Vasilakis from Australia.

Day 3:

It has been three powerful days of being sharpened by the preaching of the pure Word of God here at the 8th Iron Sharpeneth Iron Work of Ministry Conference at the Qodesh.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has been ministering powerfully for hours from the wee hours of the morning all the way through to the afternoon. Today's morning session has been no different. Eight hours of intensive teaching and ministration of the Word by Bishop Dag. In his usual simple and down-to-earth style he began the session by sharing about WAR and continued to teach from one of his newly released books, "Those who leave you!".

Sharing deep insights into 'the reasons why God allows people to leave you', he said, 'The most devastating group that can affect your life as a pastor and leader are those who leave you'. Many of the pastors present couldn't have agreed more.

A major feature of this year's conference has been the giving out of free books to each conference attendee.

Bishop Dag also introduced the POIMANO - a collection of all messages ever preached by him in digital format, the MACHANEH- a digital audio compilation of all camp messages and finally, the OPTASIO- a digital collection of different preaching videos by the Bishop. In his own words, He said;  'If I had money, I would give everybody a Machaneh. It is the best gift for any minister of the gospel'.

Preaching tonight were Bishop Robin Oliver-South Africa, Pastor Bill Vasilakis- Australia, Bishop Andrii Tishchenko-Ukraine.

If for any reason you are not physically present at the Conference, do not miss the opportunity to tune in to the live stream of sessions. Also If you live in Accra, Ghana, make it a point to tune in to Sweet Melodies 94.3fm or for the live broadcast and stream of the sessions.

The Final Day of ISI:

The ISI Work of Ministry conference reached its climax today. In the early morning sessions, Bishop Dag taught from his superb book "The Art of Shepherding". He covered topics including how to be a good shepherd and the goals of a shepherd. He moved on to the all important subject of leadership for the second session. He delivered the word with strength and clarity as he explained that it is especially amongst African leaders, that a leadership deficiency is experienced.

Bishop Dag shared on the topic, "8 reasons why every pastor should be a reader". To highlight the importance attached to reading, he gave the delegates several books for free. Titles in both English and French languages were received with great joy and zeal. Hundreds of people queued throughout the breaks, desperate to have all the titles that were available. The penultimate session ended with Bishop Dag praying prophetically for the pastors and delegates. A great presence filled the Jesus Cathedral as he pronounced blessings of strength, grace and hope. The final message for the conference was "Four works of a pastor". Bishop Dag explained that the most important tasks in pastoral ministry were those of prayer, visitation, counselling and interaction. The evening sessions were equally powerful and exciting. 
The speakers for the evening session were Bishop Edem Hopeson from Togo, Rev. Sola Oludoyi from the United Kingdom and Rev. Omar Pela from Nigeria.

The Archbishop, Nicholas Duncan-Williams once again graced the final day of the conference with his presence and prayed powerfully, blessing all who attended the conference. 

ISI 2011 has been an awesome experience. To God be all the glory!

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